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Dancehall Artist, Mix Engineer, Producer.


I am a Music Producer/Mix Engineer/ Reggae Dancehall Artist from St.Mary, Jamaica. In 2017 I launched my Brand which poses as the Trademark of my Products. My music represents me in many ways. I have performed on Platforms such as Coast 2 Coast, Afton Shows, and many more. Listen to my music and Beats in the music section of this website and feel free to watch all of my music videos.



Contest submission!


Are your here to take part in "The Heights of Your City Colloboraion Tour" ? First you'll need to complete the submission and then the song will be available for download. "Listen to Raw mix" Only one Artist can win this contest so write a swaggy verse that goes with the concept and the beat of the song, record yourself with a phone or an official hd camera and send me an email to kasharhyma@gmail.com. The song must be written by you and cannot be taken from a song you have already released. Remix and fix it. New verse, no reverse. Give your best performance! 


After the contest.

The winner will be announced every third week of the month here and on all my social media platforms. The competition winner will be contacted through email, social media or by phone. After the winner is chosen the Raw Pro-Tools file of the song track will be forwarded to the winner's email for you to record your verse. Remember the same verse you send for me to review will be the same verse you will have to record . You will then return the file back for us to finalize the release and date.  We will work on completing the song together and also shoot an official music video to help market the song.

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For more information contact me at KashaRhyma@gmail.com

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