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Music Engineer/ Recording Artist/ Songwriter.

Coming up as a youngster I have always loved music. Who could tell that I was a church goer? I remember going to choir practice with my Mother and Grandparents and it was a joy just to hear the choir sing songs in harmony like a Rock Band! The first Instrument I played was a Flute. I remember my High School Music Teacher gave me this small little flute to play, and I was ashamed at first. After learning how to play the flute correctly I was made to play the Flute all throughout my Junior year of high school and I loved It!
Up until high school I attended New Day All Age school in Jamaica, then I took the Common Entrance Exam and passed to Camperdown High School in 1997. I then relocated to America in 1998 and started a whole new life. Coming to America I figured out how different life can be in another country.
After High School I went on to the United States Army for three years and upon my Honorable Discharge from the Military I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life as a civilian. It was few years after I enrolled into Full Sail University and now I'm studying for my Master's Degree in Audio Productions. "The world wasn't built in one day." As far as I can see, In the near future I want to grasp the experience and knowledge to master my art as an Recording Artist/ Mix Engineer. With my skills as a Mix Engineer I am capable of  analyzing, and fixing issues to a unmixed song while producing a polished mix for radio play, advertisements, movies, games or even mixtape uploads. 
Music to me is like eating a slice of corn bread."every bite makes me want more of it!" I started singing my first tune from early childhood, and I wrote my first piece of song at 10 years of age. Now I have a catalog of music playing across the world, you can also find my prior release "Jealous", "Solution", "Ring me phone", "Money App", "Claim mi Innocence", etc. on all online musical streaming platform such as ITunes, Emusic, etc.
In 2017 I went on tour with Coast 2 Coast artist platform to promote my prior mixtape "Loyalty".  It was an amazing experience. We stopped in six major Cities in the United State Of America. I like to record music and perform. Music is my life and when I'm not writing or mixing a song I am spending time with family or either learning something new. I can also see my self shooting a music video, advertisement, or working on a movie script.
Outside of performing and creating music you can catch me representing in my own "KR" Clothing Brand. Hats, T-Shirts, and other sporting apparel are also a part of my magnificent designs. Visit the store above to see products available for purchase. Cheers to all the fans who have been supportive, let us all celebrate life, "It's A New Generation" In due time the world will know my name through my music and brand.



Five years of experience in the Audio Production in media and arts. Currently based in the Boston, Mass. area offering smooth recording studio for artist to record and get their songs mixed and mastered. I firmly view every artist as the next rising star. Your music means a lot to you and it also means a lot to me. As a Music Engineer I am capable of mixing songs to reach its highest potential, Radio Ready Result. "The Radio wants your music." "Your fans want to hear you".  I believe that a concrete and solid mix is what makes every artist's fans, Radio Stations, and even Djs. happy. To get your next song record, mixed and mastered, send tracks to email: Kasharhyma@gmail.com


In today's world I see music video as an artist's platform. This is an artist time to shine to the rest of the world and who knows who's going to see your music videos. Millions of people are watching! You have the mic in your hand and your fans are waiting for you to entertain them, hoping that you won't rock them to sleep instead. Get you a dope music video to go with your your hot song. Call for bookings: 1(800) 616 3380