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  Jommo Stewart

  Final Composition.

Here is my master piece! My first choice of astonishing sounds that I basically put together to get a Caribbean feel of music. The style I chose is a slow tempo Dancehall with crazy melody and aggressive baseline. When I first started this track my intention was to make a Reggae instrumental that can compete with the quality music that are creating everyday in the Reggae Music Industry. This is a great track and I am satisfied with the outcome, I can imagine it a hit single on albums earning great rewards. My favorite part of the instrument is “Section B”where the Melody and the chords changes to match up with the groove and baseline of the music, you can actually ear each track details in a rhythmic manner.


Constructing the pieces to match and groove together took sometime. I used the format of 4/4 measure for 2-16 bars which is a total of 32 bars and orchestrated a perfect backbeat as a step by step structure. After that I went and edit the drums to formulate a better groove by chopping the snare and the kick of the drum to get 16 notes on specific measures of the beat. The chords are from the scale of Eb minor, and for the A section of the beat I stay with the regular 4 chord structure for the first 16 measures. Further on into Section B of the instrumental the harmony changes, the relative key of Eb minor was apply and the G major scale was chosen for the second section of the instrumental. I also find it creative to change up the feel of ‘Section B’ of the beat and have it sounding different from the first Section of the beat so I went and used a 7 note to express the harmony in a presentable way. The key of Em, Gb, Bº, and Dbm, were used to create the Chords for ‘Section A’. For’Section B’ I had to change the feel of the harmony on each measures, the keys of  Gb7, Bº7, D7, F#º7 were used for the beginning of Second B starting at 17:21 and 25:29, and G, Bº sus2, D sus4, F#º for 21:25 and 29:33 of the measure. The bass, harmony, and melody shares similar keys in which I played from my midi keyboard before I touch edit in piano role.


I did a little recording through my microphone and I happen to capture a few creative sounds that were blended perfectly into the track unnoticeable but if you listen carefully you’ll ear the pieces generate through the instrumental.. To get specific, a clothes hanger and a plastic cup were brushed together and that gave me a similar clap sound after shaping it with the equalizer and compressor. The kitty cat sound was imitated through voiceover and mixed to fix the track, another voiceover was added and blended to match the kick and play as a rimshot. It all happens so fast it seems like but all this was really time processing, it took me a full three weeks to get this track sounding the the way it sounds now. The synthesized tracks on track 8 Melody, Track 9 Outlaw and Track 10 Pop Strings from the EXS24 sampler were my choice of sounds for Melody and blending. I really like these sounds and credit each one for playing a special part into the instrumental.

In the midst of all that I even went ahead and used the EXS24 Sampler to sample a sound. The EXS24 repeatedly playing samples of my Recording Label Slogan on specific measures all through the instrumental. First I had to record the slogan through the Microphone on a separate track from the Sampler then I add it in the Sampler play the note from my Midi Keyboard and listen to the magic works. The sample is not a part of the instrument, but instead it's there to serve as a tag and title of ownership.


The Drums, Vocals, Melody and Bass are mixed through dynamic processors. EQ, Compress and then sent to a time base processor for Reverb and Delay processing. The Kick, Snare, Hi Hats, Tom, Vocal 1,2,3 , Bass, and Melody all got sent to a time bass processor. Tracks number 6,8,9,11,13,14,15,16 were pan to the left and right for a better gesture and feel of the beat. By adjusting the sent knob to around 20% I notice that I landed right into a sweet spot that I admire so much, so most of my panning and sent knobs are set to trigger at 20%. I’ve also notice that with the baseline turned up the instrument shows off it’s potential to the fullest. The bass is a kicker and was correctly grooved to match the swing of the beat. If you pay attention to the Strings that made up the melody you will ear the difference of about five common strings playing together across the measures on beat, this is where I can say is the most impressive part of the instrumental to me it flows very well. All tracks are properly Quantized to fit the pitch of the rhythm and all necessary mixing are professionally done.