Kasha Rhyma is a Recording Dancehall Artist/ Mix Engineer/ Producer from St.Mary, Jamaica. He Grew up in the Kingston 13 garrison of Jamaica and now reside in the United States of America. Kasha real name which is Jommo Stewart his a strong and willing soul, there is no obstacles he wouldn't mind overcome. When he his not doing music Kasha Rhyma is a dedicated father to his three lovely Kids, which are American Born. Even though Kasha was born and raised in Jamaica he also believes his bloodline can be trace back to Africa.

In 2017 He launched His Brand "KR Clothing" which poses as the Trademark of His entire service and Product line. Kasha Rhyma's music represents Him in many ways and He has performed on Platforms such as Coast 2 Coast, Afton Shows, and many more. He also promote shows all across the United States Of America.

He has two to three years of experience using Musical Softwares such as ( Pro-Tools, Logics pro x, Cubase LE, Ableton Live Lite, Studio One ) and much more. With His experience as an Audio Engineer/ Producer/ Reggae Artist He stands out as a person who has modify his pass and paved his way to align himself with even the top music pioneers of the music Industry.

Kasha Rhyma was born on September 03, 1983 as the third child of Marcia Williams. He was perceived to born with a hole in his heart but never detain as a major issue. After Basics Kasha went to New Day All Age in the Parish of St. Andrew in Kingston Jamaica. He then graduated to Camperdown High School before later moving to the United States of America in 1998. 

Kasha Rhyma then went on to finishing high school, but because of complications he was force to drop out and attend Job Corps Center in Lynchburg, Virginia. After graduating from Job Corps Kasha went to serve the United States Army in year 2000 for 3 years before he was honorable discharge in 2003. He served three years as a 19k MI Abram Tanker operator.

After Kasha Rhyma left the Military he started to chase his music career with never ending disgrace and embarrassment the struggle tough as he said in one of his song "Come from far". He started recording and distributing his music worldwide back in early 2010; releasing songs like" "RING ME PHONE" "M-O-N-E-Y" "GET GYAL EASY" " WHEN WE PARTY" and more. I recommended you to go and review some of Kasha Rhyma"s song on global music platforms such as iTunes, eMusic, Amazon etc.

After a short mini tour with Coast 2 Coast back in 2017 in the United States Of America Kasha decided that he should take some time off for organizing purpose. "Going on the road alone was a great experience, I really get to see what the music industry has to offer and also what it takes to become successful as a recording Artist in the music business" said Kasha Rhyma. 

Kasha Rhyma wanted to do more than just recording music, he dreamt of starting his own recording label, which will distribute and manage music globally in a strategic manner. When he is not mixing or making a new song he found it fun to play around doing some Music Theory or just making new sounds for music and videos . Kasha
Rhyma is making dominant movements for the 2020.

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